Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Long Term Disability Claim and Getting the Best Outcome for the Client

Here at The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, we strive to reach the timeliest and best possible outcomes for our clients. This means being aware of the details that affect the cases we handle so that we can take the right steps at the appropriate time. One of our practice areas is long term disability, where we provide assistance to Massachusetts and Connecticut residents claiming benefits under this kind of insurance plan. Most people who have long term disability coverage obtain it from their employers, who provide it to them as a benefit in the same way that they provide health insurance and pension plans. The law that governs employee benefits, including long term disability benefit plans, is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), a federal law created for the protection of employee benefits.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Workers Compensation: The Statute of Limitations

You can’t just file a case for damages from an accident. You need to file within a specific time frame. This time frame is called the “statute of limitations”, and it applies to both criminal and civil actions. Its purpose is to prevent stale and fraudulent claims from being filed after certain facts have become obscured or evidence have been lost through the passage of time.

Long-Term Disability Claims in Massachusetts

Being incapacitated for a long time is something no worker ever wants to happen to them. To help the workforce cope with long-term disabilities, states have federal long-term insurance disability (LTD) benefits provided for eligible citizens. 

Why Long Term Disability Claims Get Denied

The higher body governing the screening of all long-term disability (LTD) claims is the federal law known as ERISA, or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Under the ERISA, claims administrators working with insurance companies are put in charge of evaluating LTD applications, who have the final say on whether they’ll let an application pass through. There are various reasons for a claim to be axed, with some of the most common as follows: 

Have Disability Lawyers Review Your LTD Plan

A disability can stop you from being able to earn a living, which equates to financial losses and other related difficulties. With the right disability plan, however, you may be able to get some compensation—but you need to review it first.