Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Long-Term Disability Claims in Massachusetts

Being incapacitated for a long time is something no worker ever wants to happen to them. To help the workforce cope with long-term disabilities, states have federal long-term insurance disability (LTD) benefits provided for eligible citizens. 

While most LTD policies are received once you are employed in a company, it is also possible to acquire individual plans from private insurance companies in the market. Regardless of the provider, deadlines and exceptions that surround all coverages are quite difficult to understand and comply with, necessitating most people to seek legal help before applying for one. 

The LTD benefits of Massachusetts’ Group Insurance Commission (GIC) are covered by insurance company Unum. Workers who are unable to work for at least 90 consecutive days due to a particular injury or illness may receive a tax-free compensation that accounts for 55% of their gross monthly salaries or a maximum of $10,000 monthly coverage. This provision secures all employees until 65 years old, while those who were disabled on or after 62 may still be eligible after 65.  

Other losses covered include for partial disabilities, dependent care expenses, rehabilitation services and 36-month assistance for mental health conditions. To qualify for the LTD program in the state, employees should have at least 18.75 working hours in a 40-hour basis per week. 

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