Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Latent Side Effects of Personal Injury

The effects of a personal injury may be a lot more serious than the initial symptoms indicate. This is especially true for a serious or traumatic brain injury. There are many brain injuries and disorders that only become apparent years after the incident that caused them. Northampton, Massachusetts residents who have been the victim of a personal injury should speak to a lawyer who can help them consider these long-term consequences when determining damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

When a person experiences brain injury, over time, they may start to notice cognitive, behavioral, or physical dysfunction. It is not uncommon for the belated symptoms to include a combination of these things. Other latent effects that a brain injury victim may experience could include:

• Difficulty concentrating, paying attention, and focusing
• A hard time speaking, understanding language, and finding the right words to say
• Memory loss
• Sexual dysfunction
• Inappropriate outbursts as well as other behavioral issues
• Difficulties sleeping, nightmares, and insomnia
• Sensory impairment or loss

Individuals who suffer a devastating injury or an injury that leaves them permanently disfigured may battle with sadness, depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction to alcohol or drugs, and damaged or destroyed relationships.

It is not uncommon for these latent side effects to lead to job loss or other economic challenges down the road. A person may be forced to quit a job they have had for years and may require training in a completely different field. All of these factors will be considered by an attorney when determining the amount of damage to seek.

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