Thursday, 16 July 2015

An Employer's Responsibility to the Employees

In the state of Massachusetts, it is the responsibility of employers to guarantee to a reasonable degree the health and safety of their employees while they are working. This does not just apply to employees in high risk professions like warehouse workers, factory workers, or engineers. Regardless of the working environment, the safety of employees should be foremost on employer's minds.

If an injury was caused as a result of a failure on the company’s part to protect their employees, an employee can take legal action to recoup lost earnings and other damages. Work-related injury in the state of Massachusetts is defined as any injury or any sickness that takes place while the individual is involved in his or her work duties. This includes injuries that happen when a person is working at the office, at a remote location, or while traveling.

The most common work-related injuries are connected with heavy lifting, trips and falls, repetitive movements, and injury caused by machinery. Employers are responsible for minimizing these accidents by doing the following:

• Maintaining and regularly checking the safety of all machines
• Minimizing irritants such as dust, noise, and fumes
• Providing employees with protective clothing
• Reporting diseases and injuries to the necessary authorities
• Having sufficient first-aid kits and supplies available
• Assessing the risk of fire and floods

When an employer fails to provide proper protection, and as a result an employee is injured, the employee may be entitled to financial compensation for his or her injuries and lost wages.

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