Monday, 12 October 2015

Benefiting from Long-Term Disability Attorneys

Long-term disability insurance provides protection for employees who are hurt on the job and will not be able to work for an extended period of time. Hiring a long-term disability attorney who has experience early on improves the chances of a disability claim being accepted.

Dealing with employer-provided group coverage and insurance companies is a complicated thing. It is in the best interest of employers and insurance companies to deny claims or pay out the least amount of money possible for a claim. To this end, they will take advantage of any loophole in the law that will negate a person’s disability claim. For example, if the person filing the claim misses just one deadline, improperly completes a form, or mistakenly says something to a claims adjuster, their long-term disability benefits could be in danger.

One of the ways that the experience of a long-term disability attorney is beneficial is when it comes to introducing new evidence in a lawsuit against the insurer. Most people are surprised to learn that in all but the most unique cases, federal judges will decide a long-term disability case based on the claims that were filed with the insurance company. For this reason, a long-term disability attorney will attempt to put as much information in the administrative record as possible while their client is going through the appeal case with the insurance agency. That way, if the claim does go to court, there is an exhaustive amount of evidence that can be reviewed.

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