Friday, 15 May 2015

The Lowdown on Long Term Disability Pay

When a person gets injured to an extent that their ability to work is compromised, it becomes a worrisome situation because it will surely affect their ability to earn income. This is why there is long term disability insurance in case the person cannot work for an extended period of time due to an injury or illness.

Long term disability insurance ensures that an employee with a disability will still receive a percentage of their income even if they are unable to work. This insurance policy is either provided for by the employer or can be purchased as an individual policy, and is most helpful to families who may be burdened greatly by the disabled employee’s condition.

Proving disability

Every insurance policy would have its own definition of a disability, and the employee must meet this definition in order to file a claim. The most important thing here is to prove the disability with medical evidence. The treating doctor’s opinion is also critical and so they are asked to write a statement regarding the employee’s condition. Usually, treatment must still be received from the doctor while the claim is pending, and even after it is approved, since some insurance companies may cut off the benefits if no further treatment is being received.

It is a hard thing, having a disability, and it is even harder to have that disability keep someone from working. Having a long term disability insurance policy ensures that they need only worry about getting better.

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