Friday, 29 May 2015

Tips for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

As with any other type of personal injury claim, a worker’s compensation claim can be as every bit as complicated, and can easily overwhelm the uninitiated. If you’re soon off to file your own, here are a few tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly. 

Notify Your Employer Early 

As soon as you get injured, don’t wait to see if the pain will subside. If you either fail or deliberately choose not to report your situation when you got injured, you’re in for a considerable amount of trouble, mostly because you wasted a lot of time that you could have used getting a head start on processing your claim. The next thing you know, the time limit to file a worker’s compensation claim has passed. 

Receive Urgent Medical Treatment 

If you get hurt while working, be sure to visit your doctor. Holding off relevant medical treatment can put you at a disadvantage. Once insurance companies find out that you did not seek the medical attention your condition required, they can say that the injury was due to your own fault because you neglected it, or worse, that you never had one in the first place. 

Keep Track Of All Expenses Spent

Out-of-pocket expenses are typically reimbursable, so make sure you have proof of them. Keep all receipts for parking lot fees, bandages, over-the-counter medications, and fuel needed for traveling back-and-forth to your physician, employer, or claims adjuster. It helps a lot if you have well-documented, solid proof.

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