Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dealing With a Long-Term Disability Claim Denial

You purchase long-term disability insurance for the confidence that you will be taken care of if you are severely ill or injured. To then subsequently have your claim denied can be devastating. Even if you were injured and filed a successful civil lawsuit, the amount of compensation you were granted may not have been enough to support you and your family as well as cover any medical expenses. Workers' compensation is also unlikely to be sufficient. 

There are a number of reasons a long-term disability claim might be denied. The insurer may claim that medical records were insufficient or that you did not visit a physician regularly enough. There have been some cases in which insurance companies denied a claim based on video surveillance the company said refuted the person's injury or illness. A doctor's statement may be required. In some cases, a person may be denied because they or their medical providers have inadvertently filled out confusing paperwork incorrectly. However, it might be possible to deal with any of these objections. An attorney may be able to assist you in appealing such a denial. 

Time is also of the essence both in the initial filing and in the appeal. Time limits, processes and requirements may not be entirely clear, and this is another reason a person struggling to get long-term disability in Massachusetts may want to consult an attorney about the best approach and what type of documentation may be required.

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