Friday, 29 April 2016

Workers' Compensation Will Rely on Documentation

What most individuals aren’t aware of is that the documents they are able to present at court can either make or break their workers compensation claim. Thus, the importance of documentation for any sort of workers' compensation claim can never be understated.

Verifying the Facts

One of the most important reasons to be sure you proper documentation of everything is to verify the facts. It's too easy for someone to 'claim' something happened while at work or on the clock, so companies and courts require a large about of proof in the form of documentation.

Recently, areas like Newton, Massachusetts, have come under fire for possible workers' compensation fraud. By ensuring your case is fully documented from beginning to end, you can avoid the hassle of any fraud accusations.
Burden of Proof

When you apply for workers' compensation, the burden of proof is on you, the plaintiff. This means, you must prove that you meet the criteria under Massachusetts' state law regarding workers' compensation.

Documentation should begin with a written letter to your employer concerning the incident and including key details, dates, and times. It's important that this letter and form be submitted quickly, so seeking counsel or advice as soon as an accident occurs is highly recommended. From then on, you must collect important documents such as doctor and medical papers, all responses from your employer, and any medical evidence supporting your claim.

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